Player Information
Name Yeong-han Kim
Birth 05/31/2002
Team Dallas Fuel

Sp9rk1e's Overwatch Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 800
Sensitivity 6.75
eDPI 5,400
cm / 360° 25.657
Zoom Sens 38

Crosshair Settings

Type Circle and Crosshair
Show Accuracy Off
Color Green
Thickness 1
Crosshair Length 7
Center Gap 9
Opacity 100
Outline Opacity 100
Dot Size 5
Dot Opacity 0
Scale With Resolution On

Video Settings

Display Mode Fullscreen

Graphics Settings

Render Scale 100

Hero Settings

Junkrat Sens 8.70
Mccree Sens 5.50
Pharah Sens 8.70
Tracer Sens 4.90

Sp9rk1e's PC Specs

PC Specs

CPU Intel Core i9-9900K Check Price

You can find Sp9rk1e’s list of Overwatch gear and in-game settings here.

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General Information

Native Spelling 김영한 &
Role DPS &
Hometown Seoul
Jersey Number 1


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