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Player Information
Name Jay Won
Birth 03/18/2000
Team Sentinels
Games ,

sinatraa's Valorant Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 800
Sensitivity: Aim 0.387
eDPI 309.6
cm / 360° 42.193
Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier 1
Grip Claw
Polling Rate 1000

Crosshair Settings

Crosshair Color Cyan
Outlines On
Outline Opacity 1
Outline Thickness 1
Center Dot Off
Center Dot Opacity 0
Center Dot Thickness 1
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error On
Inner Line Opacity 1
Inner Line Length 3
Inner Line Thickness 1
Inner Line Offset 3
Inner Lines Firing Error Off
Outer Line Opacity 1
Outer Line Length 3
Outer Line Thickness 1
Outer Line Offset 3
Outer Lines Movement Error Off
Outer Lines Firing Error Off

Radar Settings

Rotate Rotate
Fixed Orientation Based on Side
Keep Player Centered On
Minimap Size 1.1
Minimap Zoom 0.9
Minimap Vision Cones On
Show map Region Names Always

Video Settings

Refresh Rate 240
Display Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio Method Letterbox
Max FPS Off

Graphics Quality Settings

Multithreaded Rendering On
Material Quality Low
Texture Quality Low
Detail Quality Low
UI Quality Low
Vignette On
VSync Off
Anti-Aliasing MSAA 4x
Anisotropic Filtering 8x
Improve Clarity Off
Experimental Sharpening Off
Bloom On
Distortion On
First Person Shadows On

Keybind Settings

Walk E
Crouch Left Ctrl, Caps Lock
Jump Space Bar, Mouse Wheel Down
Use Object F
Equip Primary Weapon 1
Equip Secondary Weapon 2
Equip Melee Weapon 3
Use Spike 4
Ability 1 Q
Ability 2 E
Ability 3 C
Ultimate X
Forward W
Back S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Drop Equipped Item G
Use Object F
Spray T
Default Movement Mode Run
Toggle Walk Off
Toggle Crouch Off
Fire Left Mouse Button
Alternate Fire Right Mouse Button
Aim Down Sights Hold
Sniper Rifle Aim Hold
Operator Zoom Cycle
Auto Re-enter Scope Off
Reload R
Inspect Weapon Y
Use Spike (Plant or Defuse) 4
Fly Up Space Bar

sinatraa's Overwatch Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 800
Sensitivity 9.00
eDPI 7,200
cm / 360° 19.242
Grip Soldier: Palm, Mccree/Widow: Claw, Doomfist: Mix of Claw&Palm, Tracer: Fingertip
Polling Rate 1,000

Crosshair Settings

Type Dot
Show Accuracy On
Color Purple
Thickness 1
Crosshair Length 25
Center Gap 30
Opacity 100
Outline Opacity 100
Dot Size 5
Dot Opacity 100
Scale With Resolution On

Video Settings

Display Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate 200
FOV 103
Aspect Ratio 16:9
VSync Off
Triple Buffering Off
Reduce Buffering On
Limit FPS 300

Graphics Settings

Graphics Quality Low
Render Scale 75
Texture Quality Low
Texture Filtering Quality Low – 1X
Local Fog Detail Low
Dynamic Reflections Off
Shadow Detail Off
Model Detail Low
Effects Detail Low
Lighting Quality Low
Antialias Quality Off
Refraction Quality Low
Local Reflections On
Ambient Occlusion On

Hero Settings

Doomfist Sens 7.00
Genji Sens 16.00
Hanzo Sens 4.25
Pharah Sens 7.00
Soldier:76 Sens 7.00
Tracer Sens 7.00
Tracer Blink Hotkey Right click
Widowmaker Zoom Sens 34.33

sinatraa's NVIDIA Settings

Manage 3D Settings

Ambient Occlusion Off
Anisotropic Filtering Application-controlled
Antialiasing - FXAA Off
Antialiasing - Gamma correction On
Antialiasing - Mode Application-controlled
Antialiasing - Setting Application-controlled
Antialiasing - Transparency Off
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) Off
OpenGL rendering GPU Auto-select
Power Management Mode Prefer maximum performance
Shader Cache On
Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization Off
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias Allow
Texture filtering - Quality High performance
Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization On
Threaded optimization On
Triple buffering Off
Vertical sync Off

Change Resolution

Refresh Rate 240



sinatraa's Other Gear

Other Gear

Chair OPSeat Grandmaster - Black Check Prices
Microphone Audio-Technica AT2020USB Audio-Technica AT2020USB Check Prices

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General Information

Role Player &
Height 6'0
Weight 172 lbs
Hometown Shoreline, WA
Awards Overwatch League Season 2 MVP, Overwatch World Cup 2019 MVP
Birth Place Shoreline, WA
Jersey Number 2


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