It’s not easy to find pro players’ complete list of Overwatch gear and in-game settings. That’s why we did all the research and listed it in an easy-to-see table.

Jay3's Overwatch Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 800
Sensitivity 6.00
eDPI 4,800
cm / 360° 28.864
Zoom Sens 30

Crosshair Settings

Type Crosshairs
Show Accuracy Off
Color Yellow
Thickness 1
Crosshair Length 6
Center Gap 5
Opacity 100
Outline Opacity 45
Dot Size 5

Video Settings

Display Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920 x 1080
FOV 103
Limit FPS 300

Graphics Settings

Graphics Quality Low
Render Scale 100
Texture Quality High
Texture Filtering Quality Low – 1X
Local Fog Detail Low
Dynamic Reflections Off
Shadow Detail Off
Model Detail Low
Effects Detail Low
Lighting Quality Low
Antialias Quality Off
Refraction Quality Low
Local Reflections Off
Ambient Occlusion Off

Hero Settings

Ashe Zoom Sens 45.000
Mccree Sens 5.000
Soldier:76 Sens 5.000
Widowmaker Zoom Sens 30.000

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