Player Information
Name Christopher Alesund
Birth 05/29/1990
Team Team Dignitas
Games ,

GeT_RiGhT's Valorant Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 400
Sensitivity: Aim 0.754
eDPI 301.6
cm / 360° 43.312
Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier 1
Windows Sens 6
Polling Rate 1000 Hz

Crosshair Settings

Crosshair Color Green
Outlines On
Outline Opacity 0
Outline Thickness 1
Center Dot Off
Fade Crosshair With Firing Error On
Inner Line Opacity 0.808
Inner Line Length 6
Inner Line Thickness 2
Inner Line Offset 3
Inner Lines Firing Error On
Outer Line Opacity 1
Outer Line Length 0
Outer Line Thickness 0
Outer Line Offset 10
Outer Lines Movement Error On
Outer Lines Firing Error On

Video Settings

Refresh Rate 240
Display Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio Method Letterbox

Graphics Quality Settings

Material Quality Med
Texture Quality Med
Detail Quality Med
UI Quality Low
Vignette Off
VSync Off
Anti-Aliasing None
Anisotropic Filtering 1x
Improve Clarity On

Keybind Settings

Walk Q
Equip Primary Weapon 1
Equip Secondary Weapon 2
Equip Melee Weapon 3
Use Spike 4
Ability 1 C
Ability 2 Q
Ability 3 E
Ultimate X

GeT_RiGhT's CSGO Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 400
Mouse Sensitivity 2.4
eDPI 960
cm / 360° 43.295
Zoom Sensitivity 1
Mouse Acceleration Off
Windows Sens 6
Polling Rate 1000

Video Settings

Refresh Rate 240
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Resolution 1280 x 960
Scaling Mode Stretched

You can find GeT_RiGhT’s list of CSGO gear and in-game settings here.

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General Information

Role Rifler &
Hometown Stockholm


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