Player Information
Name Byung-chul Yu
Birth 01/13/2003
Team Vision Strikers

BuZz's Valorant Settings

Mouse Settings

DPI 400
Sensitivity: Aim 0.57
eDPI 228
Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier 0.8

Crosshair Settings

Outline Thickness 0.5
Inner Line Opacity 1
Inner Line Length 3
Inner Line Thickness 2
Inner Line Offset 2

Video Settings

Refresh Rate 240
Display Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1280 x 960
Aspect Ratio Method Letterbox
Max FPS Off

Graphics Quality Settings

Multithreaded Rendering On
Material Quality Low
Texture Quality Low
Detail Quality Low
UI Quality Low
Vignette Off
VSync Off
Anti-Aliasing None
Anisotropic Filtering 1x
Improve Clarity Off
Experimental Sharpening Off
Bloom Off
Distortion Off
First Person Shadows Off

You can find BuZz’s list of Valorant gear and in-game settings here.

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General Information

Native Spelling 유병철 &
Role Player &
Height 168cm


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