SPACE's Overwatch Gear, Sensitivity, Crosshair, Settings & More

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Space has been consistently been one of the top Overwatch flex tanks in the world for about 4 years now, even before the Overwatch League started.

In a league where many players have shown inconsistency, Space was and still is able to maintain a top-tier mechanics and understanding of the game.

So far, Space has won the Season 1 Stage 4 Playoffs, and a gold medal at the 2019 Overwatch World Cup. He has also been an All-star in both seasons of the Overwatch League.

Let’s dive into his gear and settings.

Space’s Mouse: Logitech G903

Space has been using the Logitech G903 for about a year now.

He has been getting wrist pain with other mice for a pretty long time. However, he doesn’t get any wrist pain when he uses a palm grip with the G903.

He says that being able to completely palm the mouse has helped him not get any wrist pain.

When Space aims, he uses both his arm and wrist. He uses his arm to move around, and wrist for more precise aiming.

Space’s Keyboard: Corsair K63

Space’s keyboard of choice is the Corsair K63 with Cherry MX Red switch.

He saw Sinatraa using it during the 2019 World Cup and had a chance to try it. Space liked the K63, so he decided to also use the K63.

His favorite key switch is the Red switch, because the keys get registered the fastest and he’s gotten used to it.

Space prefers tenkeyless keyboards because sometimes there aren’t much desk space in LAN stages. It also prevents him from hitting the keyboard with his mouse.

He also mentioned that he tilts his keyboard while playing, like this:

Space’s Mousepad: Logitech G640

Space played CS:GO before Overwatch, so he was using the Steelseries Qck+. Qck+ was the most popular mousepad in the CS:GO community at that time.

But Space decided to switch to the Logitech G640 because the surface feels very smooth.

When he feels like the mousepad is worn out, he simply rotates the mousepad 180 degrees for a more fresh surface.

Space’s Headset: Sennheiser Game Zero

Space saw his former teammates in LA Valiant such as uNKOE and SoOn use the Sennheiser Game Zero, and decided to use the Game Zero as well.

He says it’s comfortable to wear, and there’s a volume knob on the side as well.

Space’s Monitor: ASUS PG258Q

Space uses the ASUS PG258Q monitor, which was the on-stage monitor during the Overwatch League season 1. Because of that, many teams use the PG258Q for practice.

He recommends anyone who is playing Overwatch with 60Hz monitors to switch to 144Hz or 240Hz.

If your PC is not capable or running over 144Hz, then having a 240Hz won’t do much. Space uses an Overwatch League PC which can handle 240Hz, so he plays with 240Hz refresh rate.

Space also likes 24.5″ monitors because he can see the whole screen in his vision, which helps him be aware of his surroundings.

He places the monitor pretty far away from him to protect his eyes. However, he mentioned that some hitscan players or CS:GO players have the monitor close to their face to focus on their crosshair.

Space’s Chair: IKEA Millberget

Space’s choice of chair this season has been the IKEA Millberget.

He likes it because it’s really comfortable, and it helps him keep his back straight while playing. Posture is very important to him, and he has been happy with the Millberget.

He also makes sure the chair is adjusted so that his feet are planted on the ground. It helps him keep his chest and back straight, so he always adjusts the height of the chair wherever he goes.

Space’s Desk: IKEA Linnmon

Space’s desk is also from IKEA – the Linnmon desk.

It’s a typical desk, but Space likes how spacious it is. It helps him place stuff nearby without knocking them over during streams or practice.

The desks on Overwatch League stages are 30″ in height, so teams try to get their desks with 30″ height as well. And the IKEA Linnmon is 30″ in height.

Space’s DPI Settings

Space always keeps his DPI at 800.

He keeps the lighting off, so he can get the maximum battery out of the mouse.

He also uses default lighting for his keyboard.

Space’s Video Settings

As he mentioned, he plays with 240 Hz. And his resolution is 1920 X 1080. His FOV and Aspect Ratio are default, at 103 and 16:9 respectively.

Space used to play Overwatch in a pretty bad PC, so he got used to playing with a Low graphics settings, with 75% Render Scale and Low Texture Quality.

Even though he plays with very good PC’s now, he still prefers to play at the same graphic settings because he’s used to it now.

He reduces his Gamma Correction to about 1/3 of the bar, and Contrast and Brightness slightly reduced from default.

Space’s Sensitivity Settings

Space’s sensitivity for all heroes is 9.

Space’s Crosshair Settings

His crosshair is a short green crosshair, with these settings:

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length8
Center Gap7
Outline Opacity100
Dot Size2
Dot Opacity0
Scale With ResolutionOn

When he feels his aim is a little off, he changes the crosshair to a dot.

The only different crosshair he uses is Roadhog. He uses a green circle crosshair, with these settings:

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length50
Center Gap50
Outline Opacity100
Dot Size4
Dot Opacity100
Scale With ResolutionOn

His Zarya Projected Barrier Sensitivity is 80.

Space’s Keybinding Settings

Space uses his left thumb to press Left Alt for Crouch instead of Ctrl.

He uses B for Interact, and F for Hello. He uses V for Quick Melee.

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