Overwatch Pros Gear & Settings - UPDATED January 2021

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The very best Overwatch players in Overwatch League or Contenders players have played the game for over 8 hours a day, for multiple years.

So in terms of what gear to use and how to change the settings, they are the most experienced and have the most knowledge in all the tips and tricks.

That’s why we researched all the top Overwatch League players, Overwatch Contenders players and Overwatch streamers about their gear and settings.

Overwatch Pros Gear & Settings

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Overwatch Pros’ Mouse Settings Guide

Top 5 Most Used Mice Among Overwatch Pros:

Logitech G Pro Wireless

#1. Logitech G Pro Wireless – 70 players
The undisputed #1 mouse by the OWL pros is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Some of the best players such as Sinatraa, Super, Profit, Fleta and many more use this mouse everyday. And it’s easy to see why.
It’s equipped with the HERO™ sensor. It’s a wireless mouse with 1000Hz polling rate, which means your mouse movements get registered within 1 millisecond.
It’s an ambidextrous mouse, which means it’s designed for both right-handed and left-handed users. It’s very lightweight at 80g.
It has good battery life, with 48 hours with default lighting and 60 hours with no lighting. Plus, if you use a Logitech Powerplay together, your Logitech G Pro Wireless will always be charged and you will never have to plug it in.

Logitech G Pro Mouse

#2. Logitech G Pro Mouse (Wired version) – 20 players
Interestingly, the #2 mouse is actually the wired version of the Logitech G Pro mouse. Players such as Hydration, Mano, Diem, and Choihyobin chose to use this mouse daily.
It has the same HERO™ sensor as the wireless version. So performance wise, it has 1000Hz polling rate, which again means your mouse movements will be registered within 1 millisecond.
This is also an ambidextrous mouse, and it weighs 83g.
The reason they choose the use the wired version over the wireless version might be because it has a different shape, and they prefer this shape over the wireless version’s.

Logitech G903 Hero

#3. Logitech G903 – 19 players
We have another Logitech product at #3, the Logitech G903. Players like Space, Babybay, Haksal and Twilight are currently using this mouse.
G903 is a wireless mouse. And the G903 Hero version has the same HERO™ as the G Pro mice, which means you’ll get 1000Hz polling rate even on wireless. The older version has the PMW-3366 sensor, but it also has 1000Hz polling rate.
It’s much bigger than the Logitech G Pro mice. If you prefer bigger and heavier mice, you should consider trying the G903.
It’s an ambidextrous mouse, and it weights 110g. But you also get additional 10g weight, so you can easily customize the mouse weight.
And it’s Powerplay compatible, meaning you will never have to plug in your G903 if you use it with the Logitech PowerPlay.

Logitech G703 Hero

#4. Logitech G703 – 11 players
Logitech continues to dominate the list as the G703 Hero is the 4th most used mice in the Overwatch League. Players who use the G703 include Corey, Poko, Gesture and Fury.
Just like G903, G703 is a wireless mouse with the HERO™ sensor. The older version has the PMW-3366 sensor. Both of them have 1000Hz polling rate, even on wireless mode.
It’s an ergonomic mouse, meaning it’s designed for right-handed users. It weighs 95g.
It’s also Powerplay compatible.

Finalmouse Ultralight 2 - Cape Town

#5. Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town – 7 players
The only non-Logitech mouse is #5, the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town. KSF, Apply, Moth and Shax are currently using this mouse.
It’s well-known for being one of the lightest mice ever, weighing at only 47g. You can customize the shape of the mouse by attaching the reusable adhesive “Infinityskin”. Obviously if you attach the Infinityskin, the mouse will weigh more.

Average eDPI of Overwatch Pro Players

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  • Overall: 4,686
  • Tanks: 5,426
  • DPS: 4,556
  • Support: 4,257

Lowest eDPI: AimGod (1,600)
Highest eDPI: Haksal (21,200)

The overall average eDPI of all Overwatch pros, regardless of roles, was 4,686. For comparison, that’s close to 4,800 which is 800 DPI and 6 in-game sensitivity.

Obviously, tank players have a higher eDPI than others. A lot of tanks such as Reinhardt and Winston don’t need much aim, so a lot of tank players use higher sensitivities.

Examples of high-sensitivity tanks are BenBest(20,862), guxue(15,984), Geguri(13,600), and Poko(10,000).

There are also DPS players with high eDPI – namely Haksal(21,200), ShaDowBurn(10,000), and Pine(7,500). It’s understandably that Haksal and ShaDowBurn have high eDPI as they mainly play Genji. But it’s very interesting to see a top-tier sniper like Pine with a pretty high eDPI.

Most of the lowest eDPIs are used by flex support players, such as AimGod(1,600), ryujehong(1,720), JJoNak(1,800), Roky(1,904), and Gido(1,924).

You can read more about mouse DPI, in-game sensitivity and eDPI here. You can also learn about polling rate here.


800 is by far the most popular DPI among Overwatch pro players, with 200 players.

Wireless vs Wired Mice

Even with wireless 1000 Hz polling rate widely available, there are more pro players that use wired mice than wireless mice.

However, the single most used mouse among Overwatch pros is the Logitech G Pro Wireless, which is a wireless mouse as its name suggests.

Another interesting thing is the the second most popular mouse is the Logitech G Pro Mouse, wired version.

If you’re looking to try a new mouse, those two are great options.

Ambidextrous vs Right-handed Ergonomic Mice

The results say that there are a lot more players that use ambidextrous mice than right-handed ergonomic mice.

A big reason is because the top 3 most popular mice among Overwatch pros are all ambidextrous mice – Logitech G Pro Wireless, Logitech G Pro Mouse and Logitech G903 Hero.

The most popular ambidextrous mouse not from Logitech is the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town.

The most popular right-handed ergonomic mouse is the Logitech G703 Hero.

Mice by Brands

Logitech dominates the list by a big margin – 142 more than the runner-up, Zowie.

As mentioned previously, the top 3 most popular mice are all made by Logitech.

The next most popular brands are Razer, Steelseries, Finalmouse, and Glorious, respectively.

Some of their most popular mice include Razer Viper Ultimate, Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town, and Glorious Model O.

Overwatch Best Monitor Settings Guide

Refresh Rate

There still are a lot more 144 Hz monitor users than 240 Hz, at least for now. However, it should be noted that all Overwatch League players used the HP Omen X 25, a 240 Hz monitor, during season 2.

During season 1, ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q was used on stage.

Season 3 have been mostly played online due to COVID-19, so there isn’t an official monitor used for matches.


92.5% of the pro players use 1920 x 1080. Notable player who does not use that is Pine, who uses 1366 x 768. Fl0w3r is also well known for playing in 1600 x 900.

Render Scale

Most of the Overwatch pro players either used 100 or 75 as their render scale. Only three players used 50.

Field of View

Most Overwatch pros use 103 as their FOV. However, Surefour stands out as he uses 90 FOV, the lowest possible option.

Monitors by Brands

BenQ Zowie is #1 as many would have expected, followed by ASUS and HP Omen.

This may be due to the fact that ASUS Rog Strix XG258Q was the official monitor for the Overwatch League during season 1, and HP Omen X 25 was the official monitor in season 2.

The most popular monitors were the ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q, BenQ XL2411, and HP Omen X 25.

Overwatch Best Headset Settings Guide

Wireless vs Wired Headsets

There are still a lot more wired headsets being used by Overwatch pros than wireless headsets.

Although there are a lot of good wireless gaming headsets available, they tend to be really expensive.

And the selection of wireless headsets isn’t huge, since the majority of the headsets are still wired.

The most popular wireless headsets are Logitech G533, Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless and HyperX Cloud Flight.

Headset Brands

As expected, HyperX is the most popular headset brand among Overwatch pros. HyperX Cloud series is one of the most popular headsets ever, and this shows that.

HyperX Cloud II is the most popular HyperX headset among Overwatch pros.

Sennheiser, another well-known headset brand, is closely at second with just four fewer players than HyperX.

It has the single most popular headset among all Overwatch pros, Sennheiser Game Zero.

Logitech is third on the list, and the graph drops off drastically after that. Logitech G Pro X Headset is widely used among Overwatch pros as well.

Overwatch Best Keyboard Settings Guide

Keyboard Size

Tenkeyless is the most popular keyboard size among Overwatch pros.

As Sinatraa explained, it’s easier if you have a tenkeyless keyboard for LAN setups.

Ryujehong also said that he prefers tenkeyless because he the WASD keys are too far with a ful-size keyboard.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard is being used by almost 1/4 of all Overwatch pros, making it #1 on the most popular list.

Keyboard Brands

Logitech also leads in the most popular keyboards among Overwatch pros with 97.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard was dominating in the popular keyboards list.

The second most popular brand is Corsair at 44, not even half of Logitech.

They’re followed by Razer and Steelseries, at 39 and 24, respectively.

Overwatch Best Mousepads Guide

Mousepad Brands

The most popular brand among Overwatch pros is Logitech with 100. Logitech G640 is the most popular mousepad across all Overwatch pros.

Second is Steelseries and the classic QcK mousepads with 56 players.

Zowie and its G-SR mousepad is very close at 46.

Razer is the fourth, with 33. Goliathus mousepads are also one of the most well-known mousepads.

Did this help you improve your gear and settings?

What else do you want to learn next time?

Let us know in the comment section!

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