Pine's Overwatch Gear, Mouse, In-Game & NVIDIA Settings

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Ever since the infamous performance in Ilios against Houston, Pine has been regarded as one of the best hitscan players in the world.

He definitely has one of the best highlights ever, and it’s easy to spend hours just watching his endless highlights videos.

Unfortunately, after season 2 he decided to retire from the Overwatch League. Since then, he has been streaming for Andbox and still streams Overwatch most of the times. So thankfully, we can still see more highlights from Pine.

We had a chance to interview him and ask about his Overwatch and gear and settings. Take a look below.

Pine’s Overwatch Mouse: Steelseries Rival 100

Pine has been using the Rival 100 for a long time. He first bought it because he was looking for a cheap mouse that is also small and lightweight.

Although he doesn’t have small hands, he likes how the mouse fits in his hands.

Pine’s Mouse Grip: Palm Grip

Pine is using palm grip for his mouse.

Pine uses high sensitivity (7,500 eDPI), so he mostly uses his wrist to aim. He rarely uses his arm.

He tried other mouse grips as well, but he felt like palm grip works the best with his muscle memory.

He doesn’t care much about the shape of the mouse, and whether it’s ambidextrous. He just likes the shape of Rival 100.

Pine’s Overwatch Mousepad: Maxtill G-Pad

When Pine joined Team LW, he saw Janus use the Maxtill G-Pad for the first time.

Because he was looking for a fast mousepad, he tried using his mouse on Janus’ mousepad.

The mouse movement felt really smooth, so Pine instantly got hooked. He has been using the Maxtill G-Pad ever since.

Here are some pros and cons about Maxtill G-Pad he mentioned:


  • Very smooth mouse movement
  • Fastest speed mousepad
  • You can spill things and easily clean it


  • The mouse will feel stiff at first. You need to use the G-Pad for about 1-2 months until you feel the speed.

Pine’s Overwatch Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Pine isn’t picky about keyboards. He has been using the Logitech G Pro Keyboard since he started playing Overwatch, because it was available to him.

He doesn’t really care about the key switches either. He can use any key switches.

Why Pine Prefers Tenkeyless Keyboards

Pine said that the difference between using tenkeyless and full-size keyboard is whether your arms are closer or further from each other.

Pine prefers his arms to be closer to each other because he feels like he can react better in that position, so he prefers tenkeyless keyboards.

Pine’s Overwatch Headset: Sennheiser Game Zero

Pine recently switched to Sennheiser Game Zero from a Steelseries Siberia headset, because game sounds and enemy sounds are more clear to him when he plays Overwatch.

Pine’s Overwatch Monitor: ASUS Rog Swift PG258Q

Pine started using ASUS Rog Swift PG258Q since he joined Overwatch League.

Because it was way better than his previous monitor, he switched to it and have been using it ever since.

He doesn’t specifically need a 24.5 inch monitor. However, when he tried to play on a 32 inch monitor, he felt motion sickness. So he does not see himself switching to a bigger monitor anytime soon.

Pine’s Overwatch DPI: 500

The only hardware setting he changes is his mouse DPI and deactivating a few buttons.

In order to do so, he downloads the Steelseries Engine 3 software. Then he clicks on his mouse, Rival 100.

He switches the CPI – which is the same thing as DPI – to 500.

He then deactivates the mouse 4 and 5 buttons because he does not use them.

Pine’s Overwatch Graphic/Video Settings

Here are Pine’s Overwatch Video settings:

Display ModeFullscreen
Resolution1366 X 768
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Field Of View (FOV)103
Aspect Ratio16:10
Triple BufferingOff
Reduce BufferingOff
Limit FPSCustom
Frame Rate Cap300
Graphics QualityLow
Render Scale100
Texture QualityHigh
Texture Filtering QualityLow – 1X
Local Fog DetailLow
Dynamic ReflectionsOff
Shadow DetailOff
Model DetailLow
Effects DetailLow
Lighting QualityLow
Antialias QualityLow – FXAA
Refraction QualityLow
Local ReflectionsOff
Ambient OcclusionOff
Enemy UI ColorRed (Enemy Default)
Friendly UI ColorBlue (Friendly Default)

Pine’s Overwatch Resolution: 1366 X 768

Pine uses 1366 X 768 resolution, because he likes to play on 4:3 aspect ratio. Overwatch doesn’t have an option for 4:3 option, so Pine changes the resolution to 1366 X 768 which is the closest to 4:3.

He uses 16:10 aspect ratio, because he feels like he can see enemy heroes more clearly.

Pine uses 240 Hz refresh rate, and 300 as the frame rate cap.

He changes his enemy UI color and friendly UI color when he feels like it, but mostly they’re on default colors.

Pine’s Overwatch Sensitivity: 15.00 (for all heroes)

Pine uses 15.00 for all heroes’ sensitivity.

He uses a Crosshair for McCree, and a Dot for Widowmaker.

Pine changes his crosshair frequently, so he’s not sure what the best crosshair is.

Pine uses Toggle Zoom, which is a setting to zoom in with a single right mouse button click (as opposed to holding the right mouse button).

He was used to Toggle Zoom since he played Team Fortress 2, so he continued to use it in Overwatch.

His Widowmaker zoom sens is 40, and grappling hook sens is 52.

Pine’s Overwatch Keybinding Settings

Pine changes Jump button to Mouse Wheel Down. He is used to jumping with Mouse Wheel Down because he used to play Counter Strike, and he’s used to bunny hopping.

Everything else is default settings.

Pine’s Overwatch Sound Settings

Pine sets his Master Volume as 100, and Music Volume as 0. That’s the only thing he changes in the Sound tab.

Pine’s Overwatch Gameplay Settings

In Gameplay tab, Pine only changes the Waypoint Opacity, to 0%.

Pine played a lot of Overwatch, and he is aware where all the waypoints and objectives are. So he doesn’t need to see it.

The icon overlaps with enemy heroes and it sometimes bothers him when he’s aiming. So he completely turns Waypoint Opacity off to 0%.

Pine’s Overwatch Social Settings

Pine uses all the default settings in Social tab.

Pine’s NVIDIA Settings for Overwatch

Adjust image settings with preview

  • Use my preference emphasizing: Performance

He sets it to Performance because he believes it makes the enemy outlines look more clear. His peer suggested to do so, so Pine just changed it.

Adjust desktop color settings

  • Digital vibrance: + 80%

Pine increases the Digital vibrance to 80% because he wants the colors to be darker.

He thinks this is important, because it makes the game look better for him.

Adjust desktop size and position

  • Select a scaling mode: Full-screen
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

Pine likes to play other games in 4:3 aspect ratio, so he changes the resolution to 1280 x 1024 here.

Manage 3D Settings

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