Mano's Gaming Gear, Sensitivity, Crosshair, Overwatch Settings & More

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New York Excelsior main tank Mano has been one of the best and most consistent players in the history of Overwatch.

He started playing professionally with Rhinos Gaming Wings in 2016, and many people thought he was the best player when he was in Afreeca Freecs Blue.

While playing for NYXL, Mano has won two Overwatch Stage Championships, Season 2 Role Star Award, a OWWC Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal.

In season 3 of the Overwatch League, 4 years after he has debuted as a pro player, Mano is playing great as always.

Let’s look at the gear and settings Mano shared with us.

Mano’s Mouse: Logitech G Pro Mouse

Back in the days when Mano used to play in PC bangs, Mano used a mouse that was similar to the current Logitech G Pro Mouse.

But when he became a professional player, people around him told him to upgrade his mouse to the G Pro.

He liked it, and continues to use it even today.

Mano’s Grip Style

Mano uses the palm grip to grip his mouse.

He’s been using palm grip since he started playing video games. And he didn’t even know that there are other grip styles!

Why G Pro Over G Pro Wireless?

Logitech G Pro Wireless is one of the most popular, if not the most, gaming mouse in the world.

And although there are many players using the wired G Pro mouse, the most used mouse in the Overwatch League is the G Pro Wireless.

So why doesn’t Mano switch to the G Pro Wireless?

He says he rarely changes his gaming gear once he starts using it. So even after the wireless version came out, Mano continues to use the wired version.

Maintaining the Mouse

Mano doesn’t modify the mouse physically. When the mouse gets too dirty, or before a match, he wipes it clean with wet wipes.

Mano’s Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Mano uses the Logitech G Pro keyboard.

Just like his mouse, he switched to this keyboard after his former coaches and teammates recommended it to him.

Romer-G Switch

Mano used to use Blue switches. However once he started using Logitech G Pro, he got used to the Romer-G Tactile switch and he likes it.

Romer-G Tactile is a switch created by Logitech, with 1.5mm actuation distance and 3.2mm total travel distance.

Tenkeyless Over Full Size Keyboard

When Mano used a full size keyboard, he felt like it took up too much space. And it wasn’t very comfortable.

But with a tenkeyless keyboard, there is more room for the mouse to move around, which works better for him.

Keyboard Feet Up

Mano doesn’t change anything about the keyboard. But he always has theh keyboard feet up.

Mano’s Mousepad: Zowie G-SR

Mano uses the Zowie G-SR as his mousepad.

Like most of his other gaming gear, someone recommended it to him. His former coach from a previous team suggest him to try Zowie G-SR, and Mano has been using it ever since.

He liked because it was really big, and it felt like the right size for him.

Cloth Mousepad Over Hard Mousepad

When Mano first started playing games, he used a cloth mousepad. So he’s very used to using cloth pads.

And when he tried using hard mousepads, he didn’t like the glide because it was too much for him.

Mano’s Headset: Astro A50

One of his teammates Saebyeolbe recommended the Astro A50 headset to Mano, and Mano has been using it since then.

Mano likes the fact that it’s a wireless headset, because it’s very convenient to use.

He says it also has good sound quality, so he’s been enjoying using the A50 so far.

Headset #2: David Clark H-USB

Just like other OWL players who played matches in Blizzard Arena or other homestand arenas, Mano also used the David Clark headset during matches.

David Clark headset was created for aviation, as it blocks a lot of noise from entering your ears.

But that also worked perfectly for Overwatch League matches, where players need to focus on their play with crowd cheering or booing them.

Mano’s Monitor: HP Omen X 25

Mano continues to use HP Omen X 25, which was the monitor for OWL matches in season 2 and season 3 homestands.

Since it was the stage monitor, he also uses it in his team’s practice facility.

Mano’s Refresh Rate

Mano uses 144Hz during practice, because the frame drops often, and he feels awkward when it happens mid-game.

But during OWL matches, he is able to maintain 240Hz on stage, so he switches his refresh rate.

Why 24.5 Inches

For Mano, 24.5 inches works because he can see everything on the screen. It’s not too big that he can’t see everything, but not too small either.

And since he’s been using it for matches, he got used to it as well.

Mano’s Chair: Raynor Gaming Energy Pro – Blue

Raynor Gaming is a sponsor of New York Excelsior, so Mano is currently using it during practice.

He likes it, and continues to enjoy using it.

How Often Does Mano Switch His Gear?

Once Mano finds gear that he likes, he rarely changes it.

The only exception is his mousepad. If he used G-SR mousepad for a long time and it’s too old, he will switch to a brand new G-SR.

Mano’s Logitech G Hub Settings

In Logitech G Hub, Mano first showed us his LIGHTSYNC settings.

On stage, he turns the lighting completely off. But in the practice facility, he uses the default lighting effect, Cycle.

Mano’s Mouse DPI: 800

Mano only sets one DPI in his mouse, at 800.

To do so, he dragged all the other DPI options and removed them. And he changed the DPI Shift Speed to 800.

Keyboard Settings

Mano uses all default settings in Logitech G Hub for his G Pro Keyboard.

Mano’s Overwatch Video Settings

Mano uses 100% Render Scale. He sets Graphic Quality to Low, and uses the lowest settings for all graphic options.

As he said previously, he uses 240Hz during OWL matches, and 144Hz during practice.

Mano’s Overwatch Sound Settings

Many other Overwatch players completely turn off Music Volume in order to concentrate more on other sounds.

However Mano prefers the opposite, and turns it up all the way to 100.

The reason is, during overtime when you have to contest the payload or the point, the music changes to a more intense tone and lets you know that it’s overtime.

Without it, he says he is more likely to C9. So he always has Music Volume all the way up to 100.

Master Volume is 80, and everything else is default.

Mano’s Overwatch Sensitivity: 6 (All Heroes)

Mano’s Overwatch sensitivity for all heroes is 6.

Mano’s Overwatch Crosshair

Mano’s Overwatch crosshair settings is below:

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length13
Center Gap5
Outline Opacity50
Dot Size7
Dot Opacity0
Scale With ResolutionOn

Mano’s Overwatch Keybinds

For his keybinds, Mano uses T for Interact and F for Quick Melee.

Mano’s Reinhardt Settings

Mano changes the sensitivity to 9 for Reinhardt.

He believes it’s better to have higher sens for heroes that don’t require aiming, and Reinhardt is one of those heroes.

With higher sens, he is able to swing wider, which allows him to hit more enemies.

His crosshair for Reinhardt is the same as his All Heroes settings.

Other Reinhardt settings are like this:

Allied Health BarsOn
Toggle BarrierOff
Movement Relative to Camera During Barrier Free LookOff

Mano’s Winston Settings

Just like Reinhardt, Mano uses 9 as his Winston sensitivity.

He uses a different crosshair, with these settings:

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length13
Center Gap26
Outline Opacity50
Dot Size7
Dot Opacity100
Scale With ResolutionOn

Mano’s Wrecking Ball Settings

Mano says consistent aim is more important than having higher sensitivity when he’s playing Wrecking Ball.

So he lowers his Wrecking Ball sensitivity to 6, so he can focus more on tracking.

His Wrecking Ball crosshair is a Dot with the following options:

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length13
Center Gap5
Outline Opacity50
Dot Size7
Dot Opacity100
Scale With ResolutionOn

Mano is not sure if it’s actually true or not, but he feels like he can aim better with a Dot crosshair.

He also changes the Toggle Grapling Claw option to On, which allows him to just click once for Grappling Claw, instead of holding the left click.

Mano’s Orisa Settings

Just like Wrecking Ball, Mano needs to focus more on aiming when he’s playing Orisa.

He also uses the exact same crosshairs settings as Wrecking Ball for Orisa, for the same reason: he just feels like he can aim better.

He suggested everyone to use crosshair settings that you’re comfortable with, because he believes your aim will be better.

Gameplay and Social Settings

In Gameplay tab, Mano showed us that he uses 100% for both Waypoint Opacity and Respawn Icon Opacity.

He says they allow him to see exactly what’s going on, so he prefers to see them as clear as possible.

He uses default settings for Social tab options.

Mano’s NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

Mano doesn’t change much in his NVIDIA Control Panel.

He just makes sure the Refresh Rate option in Change resolution tab is the same value as his in-game refresh rate.

He doens’t change anything else.

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