Carpe's Overwatch Gear, Mouse & In-Game Settings

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Carpe has consistantly been one of the best players in the history of Overwatch League.

From a surprising trip to the OWL season 1 Grand Finals, to dominating the league in OWL season 3, Carpe is always a MVP candidate.

He started his professional career with BK Stars in APEX season 1. He was regarded as one of the best McCree players, but he was not well known like some of the other players.

However after finishing 2nd in Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season 1 with FaZe Clan, Carpe started getting attention as he showcased his skills against some of the best players in NA.

It’s now his 3rd year with the Philadelphia Fusion, and he is as dominating as ever, making a strong case for MVP once again.

Luckily, we were able to ask Carpe a few questions about his Overwatch gaming gear and settings.

Why It’s Important to Use Comfortable Gaming Gear

Carpe Recommends Using Comfortable Gear

Carpe emphasized that it’s important to use the gaming gear that you’re comfortable with.

He said it would be similar to playing sports with shoes that don’t fit your feet.

Same thing applies to gaming – you need to use gear that fits you.

Carpe’s Mouse: Logitech G903

Carpe Uses Logitech G903 Mouse

Carpe’s choice of mouse is the Logitech G903. Interestingly, he still uses the older version with PMW-3366 sensor, rather than the newer version with Hero sensor.

He has been using the G903 ever since he started playing professionally, because he likes big and heavy mice like G903.

Why Carpe Likes Big and Heavy Mice

Carpe Prefers Big and Heavy Mice

Carpe uses low sensitivity, and he tried both lightweight mice and heavy mice.

He felt that using heavy mice with his low sensitivity feels the best for him.

What Mouse Grip Does Carpe Use?

Carpe Uses Claw Grip For His Mouse

Carpe currently uses claw grip with his G903 mouse.

He also tried using palm grip in the past. From his experience, he thinks palm grip works better with mice that are not ambidextrous, and claw grip works better with ambidextrous mice.

There was some space between the mouse and his fingers, and he just felt claw grip feels best with G903.

Does Carpe Modify His Mouse?

Carpe Logitech G903 Weight Tuning

Logitech G903 comes with weight tuning system where you can add more weight to the mouse.

However, Carpe does not use it. He plays without any weight tuning.

Carpe’s Keyboard: Deck Francium Pro – Cherry MX Blue

Carpe's Keyboard Deck Francium Pro - Cherry MX Blue

Carpe’s keyboard of choice is Deck Francium Pro with blue switches.

When he first tried this keyboard, he liked that it’s tenkeyless and doesn’t take up too much space.

So he switched to it, and still using it to this day.

There is no driver software for Deck Francium Pro, so he doesn’t customize anything.

Carpe’s Mousepad: Logitech G640

Carpe's Mousepad Logitech G640

Carpe uses Logitech G640, because it’s a soft mousepad with smooth glides.

Since he uses a low sensitivity, he moves his mouse a lot more than higher sens players.

He likes the smooth glide feeling when he moves his mouse, so he prefers cloth mousepads.

Carpe’s Headset #1: David Clark H-USB

Carpe's Headset David Clark H-USB

Just like other Overwatch plays, he uses David Clark H-USB during Overwatch League matches.

Carpe’s Headset #2: Sennheiser Game Zero

Carpe's Headset Sennheiser Game Zero

Outside of matches, he uses the Sennheiser Game Zero.

He does not customize or modify his headset at all.

Carpe’s Monitor: HP Omen X 25

Carpe's Monitor HP Omen X 25

During season 2 of Overwatch League, HP Omen X 25 was used for all matches.

So he also used it during practice, so he can get used to it. And he is continuing to use it during season 3.

Carpe’s Monitor Refresh Rate

Although HP Omen X 25 is a 240 Hz monitor, Carpe doesn’t use 240 Hz. He uses 144 Hz for Overwatch.

Carpe says it’s hard to maintain 240 frames per second in certain situations like team fights. So he just got used to playing in 144 Hz instead.

Carpe prefers monitors around 24 inches (HP Omen X 25 is 24.5 inches), because he can see everything that’s going on in the screen.

Carpe’s Chair: DXRacer King Series

DXRacer King Series is the chair Carpe uses at home.

How Often Does Carpe Change His Gaming Gear?

Carpe doesn’t switch to a different model of gear too often.

However, he does buy a new gear pretty often.

For example, after he uses his G903 for about six months, he buys a brand new G903.

Carpe’s Logitech G Hub Mouse Settings

Carpe’s DPI Settings

Carpe's Logitech G Hub DPI Settings

In Logitech G Hub, Carpe sets three DPI’s in his mouse: 700, 800 and 900.

He’s usually on 900 DPI, but sometimes his aim feels a little off and switches to a different DPI.

Basically when he feels like his sens is too high, which happens on some days, he switches to 700 or 800 DPI.

Lightsync Settings

Carpe's Logitech G Hub Lightsync Settings

Carpe changes the Logo Effect to Fixed, and changes the color to Blue.

Carpe’s Overwatch Settings


Carpe's Overwatch Video Graphic Settings

Carpe uses 1920 x 1080 resolution, with 144 Hz refresh rate.

He turns Vsync, Triple Buffering and Reduce Buffering off.

He uses Low for Graphic Quality. He uses the lowest option for all the settings under Graphic Quality, except Antialias Quality, which he uses Low – FXAA.

He uses 100 Render Scale.

For Gamma Correction, Contrast, and Brightness, he adjusts it depending on the location he’s playing in. He likes to have it a little brighter than default.


Carpe's Overwatch Sound Settings

First, he turns off Music Volume and sets it to 0.

And he simply adjusts other volume settings depending on what he likes the best.

He doesn’t change anything else in Sound tab.

Carpe’s Overwatch Sensitivity

Carpe’s Overwatch sensitivity is 3.12. For some heroes like Genji and Doomfist, he switches to 4 because they’re projectile heroes and higher sens allows him to look around more easily.

Carpe sets Toggle Zoom to Off.

Carpe's Overwatch Sensitivity Settings

Carpe’s Hero Sensitivity Settings

Ana – Zoom Sens30
Ashe – Zoom Sens40.35
Widowmaker – Zoom Sens30
Widowmaker – Grappling Hook Sens100
Wrecking Ball4
Zarya – Projected Barrier Sens80

Carpe’s Overwatch Crosshair

Carpe uses a Dot crosshair with Purple color, with settings as below:

Carpe's Overwatch Crosshair Settings
Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length25
Center Gap25
Outline Opacity50
Dot Size6
Dot Opacity80
Scale With ResolutionOn


Carpe changes the Quick Melee key from V to F.


Carpe only changes two settings in Gameplay tab, Waypoint Opacity and Respawn Icon Opacity.

Carpe's Overwatch Gameplay Settings

The Waypoint icon and Respawn icon covers the screen pretty often, so he lowered it significantly to 5% and 10%, respectively.


Everything in Carpe’s Social tab is default settings.

Carpe's Overwatch Social Settings

Carpe’s NVIDIA Settings

Carpe sets NVIDIA settings as below:

Manage 3D Settings

Image SharpeningOff
Ambient OcclusionOff
Anisotropic filteringApplication-controlled
Antialiasing – FXAAOff
Antialiasing – Gamma correctionOn
Antialiasing – ModeApplication-controlled
Antialiasing – SettingApplication-controlled
Antialiasing – TransparencyOff
DSR – FactorsOff
DSR – SmoothnessOff
Low Latency ModeOff
Monitor TechnologyFixed Refresh
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA)Off
OpenGL rendering GPUAuto-select
Power management modePrefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rateApplication-controlled
Shader CacheOn
Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample optimizationOff
Texture filtering – Negative LOD biasAllow
Texture filtering – QualityQuality
Texture filtering – Trilinear optimizationOn
Threaded optimizationAuto
Triple bufferingOff
Vertical syncUse the 3D application setting

Change Resolution

Carpe uses 1920 x 1080 resolution with 144Hz refresh rate.

Adjust desktop color settings

Other applications control color settings
Color channelAll channels
Brightness+ 50%
Contrast+ 50%
Gamma+ 1.00
Digital vibrance+ 50%
Hue+ 0°

Set up G-SYNC

Carpe plays with G-Sync off.

Please let us know who you guys want to see next time for Gear and Settings, and we will try our best to get it done!

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