Best Overwatch Sound Settings: Explained in Plain English

Overwatch Options Sound Settings
  • Master Volume
    Master Volume includes all the sounds in the game. You should use adjust this when everything is too loud or too quiet.
  • Sound Effects Volume
    This controls the sound effects in-game, such as skill sounds and footsteps. You should have this on for sure for best performance.
  • Music Volume
    This is the background music in-game. Most players turn this completely off in order to focus on skill sounds and footsteps.
    However, some players choose to turn it on. One of the reasons is because the background music changes when it’s close to overtime, which can help you in case you missed the time left.
  • In-Game Voice Volume
    In-Game Voice Volume is how loud the heroes’ voice lines are in game, such as when you use your ultimate.
  • Voice Chat Volume
    This is how loud other players are in your headset(or whatever sound output you’re using).
  • Voice Chat Mic Volume
    This is how loud your voice through your microphone is.
  • Subtitles
    You can choose among these options:
NoneNo subtitles will be shown.
Critical GameplayShow teammates’ and enemies’ ultimate sounds as subtitles, as well as voicelines about objectives.
Critical Gameplay + ConversationsThis option includes all Critical Gameplay subtitles as well as conversation voicelines, such as “Hello”.
EverythingAll hero sounds are shown in subtitles including noises (i.e. Genji’s grunting when double jumping) and voicelines after choosing or switching to another hero.
  • Sound Plays While in Background
    If this is On, you can hear Overwatch sounds while Overwatch is alt-tabbed. And with this Off, all Overwatch sounds are muted once alt-tabbed.
    If you turn this Off, make sure you pay attention so you don’t get kicked for inactivity.
  • Group Voice Chat
    This is the voice chat option for your party group.
  • Team Voice Chat
    Team Voice Chat is for your whole team, not just your group members.
  • Match Voice Chat
    Match Voice Chat is for all voice chats without teams, such as Deathmatch FFA.
OnYou can join the voice chat, but you do not join by default when the game starts.
Auto JoinYou join the voice chat automatically when the game starts.
OffYou are unable to join the voice chat. Any Join button will not work.
  • Voice Chat Mode
    You can choose between these two options:
Push to TalkYou need to be holding down a key or a button to talk in voice chat.
Open MicYour microphone is always on, so you can talk without pressing any keys or buttons.
  • Voice Chat Devices
    If your microphone doesn’t work, you can try changing this. You can choose between Default Devices and Comms Devices.
  • Playback Device
    You can choose the device for sound output in Overwatch.
  • Dolby Atmos For Headphones
    Overwatch was the first game to support Dolby Atmos, which is a technology that allows audio to move around in 3D.
    Most players turn this Off, but some players prefer this to be On.

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