What is Lift Off Distance (LOD)? What's Best For Gaming?

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LOD, short for Lift Off Distance, is how far the mouse sensor has to be off the mousepad to stop working.

Thus, low LOD means your mouse stops working quickly after picking up your mouse.

High LOD means you need to lift the mouse up higher for it to stop working.

Why Does It Matter?

When you’re playing a game and your mouse reaches the end of your mousepad, you have to pick up their mouse and put it back on the center.

FPS players who play with low sensitivity, or maybe on a small mousepad, have to do this more often.

If you reach the end of the mousepad, that usually means you are in middle of tracking something. So obviously, you should pick up the mouse and put it back on the center as fast as possible.

That’s when LOD becomes a factor. If you are playing with a high LOD, the crosshair/cursor might move even after you’ve picked up your mouse.

That will definitely throw your aim off. And that’s why a low LOD is better for FPS players.

If you’re not gaming, high LOD shouldn’t really matter because you wouldn’t be rushing to put the mouse back down.

Mousepad Material

One thing to keep in mind is that the LOD also depends on the material of the mousepad.

For example, if you’ve been playing on a cloth mousepad, the LOD may feel different on a hard or glass mousepad.

Zowie G-SR, a cloth pad.
Corsair MM400, a hard pad.
Maxtill G-Pad, a glass pad.

A common unit of measurement to measure the LOD is CD or DVDs. One CD/DVD is 1.2mm.

For most people, it’s much easier to visualize CD’s instead of a number like “2.4mm”

How To Reduce Lift Off Distance

Some mice have an option to change the lift off distance.

Zowie says you can disconnect your mouse, and re-connect it while holding Button 4 + Button 1 to switch to lower LOD.

We’ve found in Razer Synapse that you can change the lift off distance in the calibration tab:

Check your mouse’s software to check if you can change your lift off distance.

Are you comfortable with your mouse lift off distance? Or did you have to adjust it? Let us know in the comment section.

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