What is Angle Snapping & How Does It Affect Gaming?

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Angle snapping is a feature where your mouse predicts your mouse movement when you move in a straight line.

To see this in action, you can open up a software like Microsoft Paint and attempt to draw a straight line.

Most of you won’t be able to draw a perfectly straight line, and look like this.

Now, let’s see what happens with angle snapping on.

As you can see, the cursor moves in a straight line, which lets me draw a straight line.

Is Angle Snapping Bad For Gaming?

For gaming, we highly recommend turning off angle snapping.

In most games in FPS, MOBA or RTS genre, you’re not always aiming in a straight line.

You have to make small adjustments vertically very often, but they will be ignored if angle snapping is on.

An enemy may be crouched, on top of stairs, etc. There are just too many scenarios where you have to make micro adjustments.

Nowadays, most gaming mice do not even have angle snapping enabled.

That’s because gaming mice should enable you to aim with accuracy and precision. But angle snapping does the opposite of that.

Similar to mouse smoothing, angle snapping should be turned off for gaming.

How To Turn Off Angle Snapping

If you think angle snapping is on, you can usually turn it off in your mouse software.

For example with the Logitech G900, you can use the Logitech G Hub to turn off angle snapping in the settings screen:

After it’s off, make sure you save the settings.

Then, try to draw a straight line in Paint to make sure that it’s turned off.

If you’ve been using angle snapping for a long time, you will probably need some time to get adjusted.

We hope this guide helped you learn about angle snapping. Let us know in the comment section!

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