Best Overwatch Video Settings: Explained In Plain English

Display ModeYou can switch Overwatch to Windowed, Fullscreen or Borderless Windowed. Windowed makes the game not full screen, but a smaller window that you can move around.Fullscreen makes the game take up the whole monitor screen. This is the option you should use while playing a game, because this makes the game run at a highest FPS.Borderless Windowed looks same[…]

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Best Overwatch Sound Settings: Explained in Plain English

Master VolumeMaster Volume includes all the sounds in the game. You should use adjust this when everything is too loud or too quiet. Sound Effects VolumeThis controls the sound effects in-game, such as skill sounds and footsteps. You should have this on for sure for best performance. Music VolumeThis is the background music in-game. Most players turn this completely off[…]

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Overwatch Pros Gear & Settings - UPDATED January 2021

The very best Overwatch players in Overwatch League or Contenders players have played the game for over 8 hours a day, for multiple years. So in terms of what gear to use and how to change the settings, they are the most experienced and have the most knowledge in all the tips and tricks. That’s why we researched all the[…]

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Overwatch Ranks and Skill Ratings System: The Complete Guide

Here you will be able to learn everything about Overwatch ranks and its ranking system, such as a list of all the ranks, ranks distribution, how to start playing ranked, and more. We also did all the research and summarized them here. Keep reading to learn about them. Skill Ratings & All Overwatch Competitive Ranks Your competitive skill rating is[…]

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