Keyboard Layouts: The Definitive Guide

Most likely you’re using a QWERTY keyboard, which is named after the first six letters of the keyboard: But did you know that there are many other types of keyboards that have completely different arrangement of keys? In this article we’ll go over the basics of keyboard layouts and check out different types of layouts across the world. Physical Layout[…]

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Keycaps: How To Find The Best Keycaps For You

Keycaps are the rectangular covers that you press to when using a keyboard. Keycaps decide how your keyboard looks. Many people like to customize their keyboard with other keycaps to create their own unique keyboard. It’s also responsible for how it feels on your fingers, because it’s the part that touches your fingers when using a keyboard. In this article,[…]

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Keyboard Sizes & Form Factors - What's The Best For Gaming?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new keyboard is the size, also known as form factor. That’s because everyone has different styles, needs and limitations. For example, pro players like Sinatraa have told us that they prefer smaller tenkeyless keyboards to make sure that he has enough desk space at LAN events. We will go[…]

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Mechanical Keyboard Switches: The Definitive Guide

Gearrate earns commission if you purchase through links on our site. Learn more Mechanical keyboards are not cheap, so you should always make sure it’s worth the money. One of the most important things about them is the key switch. But there’s so many different types of switches nowadays, it’s really hard to find out what’s the best. That’s why[…]

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